Written by Narcisse Navarre

Edited by Marzio Ombra & RJ Locksley




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New York City’s oldest resident hasn’t aged a day. Beneath his youthful facade lurks an ancient menace. Experience the nightmare of eternal damnation through the depraved psyche of a nameless villain. Lose yourself in this antihero’s shattered mind as he drifts between past and present, dreams and reality.

In the tradition of Gothic vampire horror, An Endless Hunger is a poetic and harrowing journey told in a daringly provocative voice—that of the monster.

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The living passed me by. They were everywhere–emerging from the azure haze. All their hearts galloped simultaneously, a blur of sound, like the flapping of wings. Someone was trying to speak to me, but his voice came to my ears distant and slow. I pushed them aside like bowling pins and they wobbled as they fell upon each other. I felt unholy fire in all my extremities. The hunger would not wait. It was endless.

I stumbled, half mad, into an entrance-way. I scampered away from the heartbeats up the winding stairs with useless palms pressed to my ears. I still heard their voices in the distance, somewhere. I climbed higher and higher. The sound came again. I moved with the involuntary secrecy of a predator. The call inside me was steady, like a metronome. A symphony could have been played upon the voice’s rhythm. My eyes adjusted to the darkness. When the blue fog lifted from my senses, I stood poised, my entire being focused on the sound. That eternal beating of life, divinity itself made manifest, assaulted my deadened cells. Getting closer.

I turned the corner, hungry, expectant.


I climbed higher, to the next flight.


I kicked the rusty door of the roof wide open and stepped into the cold night. With each turn of my head, the city stretched into a dizzying array of light. Trails of motion converged before my eyes. The perfect heartbeat continued to crash my perception until I lost my balance. I fell to my hands and knees upon the tar rooftop. I crawled towards the shadows. The sound of blood whispered like a lover.

Then the glorious voice broke the spell.

“So, you are he whom the others talk about? What a pleasant surprise to see you. And in such a vulnerable position—crawling on all fours!”

The laughter echoed in my head. Her voice was perfect, flawless in timbre and pitch. I hung suspended in its power, trying to memorize each note.

For a moment I thought the voice Anna’s, but it was a foolish hope. It wasn’t even a voice, it was a feeling. It was all feelings distilled. For a moment I felt free, as if released from the bondage of all other voices. I wondered if mortals experienced this sensation when I spoke to them. The voice in my blood called out and I answered. I obeyed hoping that it would be the end of me. I knew that I could not refuse it anything.

This being who addressed me was ancient. I had heard it before. In the past? When? When in the past? Where had I heard this calling before?

Heart beating, yet not human. Something else. The hairs on my neck stood up, and I felt that sensation of wanting to sprint, to run away. Whatever was in the shadows was from another place–another time. It was something utterly incomprehensible to me. It was unlike me, and I trembled. I looked up one last time, peering deep into the shadows and beyond. I was being torn apart from the inside out. I fought. The melodious voice came again, then faded along with the rest of the world.

Praise for An Endless Hunger

The story unfolds quite literally through the eyes, ears, and other senses of the main undead antagonist. While first person POV isn’t uncommon, it is rare to find a story that delves so deep into it. Normally one feels like they’re sitting right behind the main character’s eyes. Here, you are this character. Nestled deep within their cerebral cortex, you are forced to experience every bit of anguish, confusion, and despair that he does. Fans of Anne Rice and other similar brooding vampires will most certainly enjoy the tour de force through the unsettled mind of this undead creature. –Rick Gualtieri, Author of Bigfoot Hunters +Read More

This short story, will let you step into the world of darkness, and feel for a moment how does it feel to be a..monster. –Agnes Wozniak +Read More

In “An Endless Hunger,” Narcisse Navarre allows us to see the agony and torment that only such an eternal creature can experience. She takes us into the very psyche of the vampire and we understand that even with all of his supernatural power, his very own existence is often out of his control. We feel his hopelessness and despair as he desperately tries to hold on to some sort of humanity. Not your usual vampire tale but one that will cause you to better understand these creatures of the night. An excellent read for the vampire fan. A must read for the vampire aficionado. –Snowtalker +Read More

Right from the opening sentence, the author pulls you into the psyche of her tormented vampire. I’m a fan of the darker side of the vampire and the book left me wanting more. –Dominick +Read More

In the tradition of Gothic vampire horror, An Endless Hunger is a poetic and harrowing journey told in a daringly provocative voice—that of the monster. –Juice Juls +Read More

Thanks to Narcisse Navarre you will be able to feel, taste and live like a vampire. The story is very vivid, filled with rich description, passion, and darkness. This short story, will let you step into the world of darkness, and feel for a moment how does it feel to be a..monster. –Agnes Wozniak

I am no friend of reading Vampire books but this is a whole new level of emotion and extremes that create the perfect tale for a Hollywood super production! –Gavriel Navarro +Read More

“… as the chill of unfathomable depths extinguished all life, I heard my inner screams echoed.” Meet your inner demon. Catch yourself rooting for the bad guy. –Laet Oliveira +Read More

Turn off the phone, find a comfy spot, and allow yourself to be sucked under into a dark, rich and spellbinding story that will captivate your imagination. –Dreamwalks +Read More

The writing of “An Endless Hunger” is excellent. Someone already said it – a true page turner. You must get this book! You won’t regret it. –V. K. Marchev

I was enchanted from the start. I am a lover of vampires. Definitely would love a sequel. Narcisse Navarre is my new favorite writer. –Madame M

The surprise ending was truly great to see as another twist of the twisted soul that harbored in this being so evil, he had to be human to some extent. Bravo!!! –Caine Das +Read More

I have always considered myself a “vampire-purist”. Bloodsuckers shouldn’t sparkle. “An Endless Hunger” by Narcisse Navarre harkens back to the time when the literary genre of vampires was indeed about the monster within… not what they wore. “An Endless Hunger” delivers, and leaves you bloodthirsting for more. –Robert Mendoza


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About Narcisse Navarre

Narcisse Navarre was born in Habana, Cuba in 1975. She grew up surrounded by nature in a world nearly devoid of media. Prompted by her father’s nightly tales of the Greek Gods, folklore and magic, Narcisse’s imagination blossomed into an extraordinary force in her life.

In 1984 she emigrated to the United States where she was able to realize her dream of becoming an artist, poet and author. Spiritual and passionate, Narcisse is an avid world traveler and adventure seeker. Whether she is wreck diving, zipping through Belizian jungles or strolling through Roman ruins, Narcisse is always looking for way to incorporate her experiences into her writing.

Currently, Narcisse is co-authoring The Books of Liryos, a trilogy of dark fantasy novels and Naera’s Daughter, Book One of Laremlis.

Contact Narcisse: www.Khajj.com | www.NarcisseNavarre.com Twitter: @Khajj | Facebook